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The style of address can play a major role in how confident the woman who is wearing it feels. Not every style of red prom dresses is designed to flatter every figure. In order to understand which stresses might work best for your body type, here are four common dress styles in the body types they flatter.


  1. Mermaid Style. The mermaid style dress is all the rage today. This consists of a formfitting top portion of the dress that expands out at the bottom similar to the shape of a mermaid tail. This particular style is most flattering on women who have a smaller waistline and larger hips, or those who are relatively petite.
  2. A Line Waist. The A-line waist dress is another popular style you can find on sites like Stacee. The name comes from the way the style is tight around the bust but then loosens after the rib cage and flows into the skirt. The design creates the look of an hourglass silhouette that is flattering for women who are top heavy or who have small hips.
  3. Cap sleeve & Square neck. The best way to minimize wide shoulders or upper arms is with cap sleeve dresses that feature a square neck. The design creates a smaller illusion which is ideal for full figured women but can flatter small framed women just the same.
  4. Midi/Mini Dresses. The fluffy tulle skirts of midi and mini dresses are quite appealing to young women today. However, they are not necessarily flattering to all figures. Women who are long-legged and lean have the most to gain from wearing this style dress. It can maintain an attractive length and flatter the legs without appearing too risqué.

With any dress, having the right fit is the secret to making it keep you confident at any special dance.

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